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Dresser Reveal


Now that all of you are familiar with my vision for my living room, I can’t wait to share my all time favorite DIY project! But before I dive into it, here’s the original TV area that I was working with (sorry for the blurriness, this was pre-good camera):

Before TV wall

While trying to figure out what I was going to do to spice this area up, I knew there were a few things that were must-haves:

1. The TV needed to be elevated to be at a more comfortable eye level and to flow with the height of the bookshelves that were against the wall to the right.

2. I wanted to be able to hide all my TV components and wires for a streamlined look.

3. And my golden rule for all my decorating projects – there had to be a punch of color.

I began by scouring Craigslist to find a credenza that would meet this criteria and still be really cheap. It took me weeks to find something that worked since most of the pieces I came across didn’t allow for easy access to the components I wanted to store inside but I finally found an old beat-up dresser for the grand total of $60. Yup, $60.

And, with a few hacks and new touches, here’s what I created:

Front View

I decided to use the more saturated blue from my living room color scheme, especially against the soft blue of my walls. To keep it from feeling too cool, I used brass hardware, a combination of sleek drawer pulls from knobs4less and the bohemian look of mother of pearl and gold cabinet knobs from Anthropologie.

Side View

With so much surface area, I wanted to add a few accessories on both sides of the TV to keep the big black box from being the primary focus. I already owned the blue vase and black and white jar so to make it feel like more of a collection, I added in the tall antiqued silver cylinder vase from West Elm. I liked the combination of heights and shapes and the eclectic feel of mixing silver with the brass hardware.

Vases Closeup

On the other side, I wanted to continue to add some warmth to the blue credenza so I chose a wooden lamp with golden tones from World Market. I paired the lamp with a vintage number card I picked up at a local antique store to juxtapose against the crisp newness of the white shade.


When I originally bought the dresser, the middle cabinet had three drawers within it. I decided to leave the top one in there to house all my remotes but I removed the bottom two and replaced them with flat pieces of plywood to put my cable boxes on. I drilled a couple holes into the back of the dresser to keep the wires tidy and voila I had a media set-up that that I’m proud of!

Open Door

Homes & Heels featured on Apartment Therapy


I’m very, very, very excited to share with all of you that Apartment Therapy featured a Homes & Heels project! Click here to read their take on my bookshelves feature…just the inspiration I need to keep on DIYing!
AT Feature

Winter Florals


The winter blues were getting the better of me this past weekend so I quickly put my go-to remedy into action – buying flowers and putting together an arrangement. I chose cheery red florals to brighten up my apartment – and my mood!


Bookshelves Reveal


It’s been a looong time since I’ve done any sort of interior design or DIY decor post. In fact, the last time I updated all of you on the progress of my apartment it was before I redesigned this little ol’ blog. For those of you who haven’t been along for the ride, here’s where we had left off in my living room:

Bookshelves Before

I had just finished the “bones” of my custom desk flanked by bookshelves. I’ve lived in many small Chicago apartments over the years so I’ve learned how to maximize the use of every square inch, which is what led me to build this workstation and storage combination. The bookshelves are the Billy bookshelf from Ikea and for the desk area, I had a piece of wood cut to size at my local hardware store and stained it a dark walnut color to contrast against the white bookshelves. I secured the desk to wall with heavy duty brackets to make sure there’s no danger of my laptop coming crashing down. To give the shelves a more customized look, I added some intricately patterned paper to the back of the bookcases.

And then….the half empty shelves sat there. For a really long time. I knew there was something about them that I wasn’t happy with but I couldn’t put my finger on it, until one fine day (okay, it took a lot longer than that) inspiration sparked and I finally finished styling the unit:

Full Bookshelves

I realized that what was bugging me was how cluttered the bookshelves looked (even with very little on them) because of the patterned paper. So, I re-covered the backing with plain black matte paper for a classic look. To keep them from looking like any old Ikea shelves, I used black Washi tape on the front of each shelves to dress them up a bit. When it came to the desk area, the addition of some gorgeous artwork and a lamp sized to fit made that area the perfect place for me to sit down to work.

Desk Closeup

I love mixing and matching metallic surfaces so the juxtaposition of the modern silver lamp (purchased from Fab) and the antique gold peacock print seemed like the best combination for the nook.

Desk Artwork

Like I said, storage, storage, storage is a mantra that I constantly chant whenever completing any major home decor project so I made sure to include several baskets when styling my bookshelves  for all those odds and ends that become clutter in the rest of my living room. I picked out a couple accent colors – blue and orange – to pop against the black background and then layered in metallic pieces and a few rustic wood toned pieces to create a more interesting display.

Bookshelves Styling 1

How adorable is that little deer in my succulent garden? It came along with my purchase from this Etsy seller and I’ll definitely be going back for more greenery for my apartment.

Bookshelves Styling 4

I wanted all of the items on these shelves to reflect my personality and be a conversation starter among guests so I included a wide variety of books but also reflected my love for fashion in the artwork I featured. This was actually a page in a notebook that I had, which I ripped out, cut rounded corners to match the other side and then displayed in this floating frame from Muji.

Coco Chanel Artwork

To keep the styling from looking too cluttered, I chose to have a couple shelves be symmetrical on both sides – the baskets and the magazines – and then continued the same color scheme as well.

Bookshelves Styling 3

My absolute favorite piece is this reclining Buddha statue that adds a unique twist but also reminds me to take the time to relax and make time for the passion that began this project in the first place – my love for reading.

Bookshelves Styling 2

What do you guys think? I’m so excited to cross of such a major project off my decorating to do list!

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everyone! And with the beginning of 2014 comes a fresh round of resolutions and the promise that (hopefully) I’ll be a much better blogger this year…

If you’re from the Chicago area you might have spent the past couple days digging yourself out of the tons of snow we’ve been getting. While I’m usually not thankful for any sort of wintery weather, the snowfall made it easy to come up with my New Year’s Eve plans – stay at home! So, I decided to have a few friends over to ring in 2014.

To make my apartment feel festive, I created a backdrop using letters that I cut out of foam core board and covered with gold wrapping paper:
Party Decor Backdrop

For a little extra glam, I glued tinsel garlands and metallic confetti to plain white balloons to flank the letters and add to the party atmosphere:
Party Decor Backdrop 2

Whenever I throw a party I like to have a few pre-planned activities for the guests to take part in, as ice breakers for my friends who vary in their interests and backgrounds. This time, I created a “photobooth” by using wrapping paper to create a backdrop:
Party Decor Photobooth

And, to make it a little more interesting, I created paper flowers (using this tutorial) from scrapbook paper that fit my theme of gold, silver and black. A few feather boas and party hats and you’re good to go!
Party Decor Paper Flowers 2

Party Decor Paper Flowers

Of course a party blog post wouldn’t be complete without including my New Year’s Eve party outfit. I decided to weave in the gold and black from my decor colors with a few pops of color from my favorite pencil skirt.

New Years Party OutfitTop: Urban Outfitters/Skirt: Zara/Heels: Aldo/Earrings: Stella & Dot/Bracelet: H&M

Here’s to a great 2014!

DIY: Bejeweled Chambray Jacket


I came across this chambray jacket at Forever 21 a couple weeks ago and liked the medium blue of the fabric and the softness of the chambray. The added details of the zipper around the collar and the epaulettes kept it from looking too basic so I decided I needed to have it as a spring cover-up. Only problem? The gaudy jewels scattered on the pockets. I decided that it was easily fixable by spending a few extra dollars.

I picked up a cheap white nail polish at the local drugstore and applied thin coats to each one of the colored jewels but left the clear jewels as is for some added visual interest. Once they were dry, I added a top coat just the way you would to your nails for some added shine and now I have a jacket that’s perfectly on-trend with the combination of chambray and white accents!
Jacket DIY

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